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I won't be upgrading to Catalina anytime soon. A colossal load of critical bugs and Apple's decision to kill support for 32-bit apps is enough to make me steer clear of Catalina for as long as possible.


Have I failed to mention how much I loathe cold floors.


”As impenetrable as the gordian knot itself”.


The noose is tightening around the neck of He Who Shall Not Be Named, but his brainless minions just might be able to help him to get away scot free. This decade has truly made me lose all faith in politics, democracy, and humanity. The defining attribute of Homo Sapiens is wilful stupidity.


The all too human tendency for fanaticism inevitably creates a backlash. Action and reaction. This is an important lesson that passionate idealists will never learn.


When I was a kid, there were a couple of video cassette rental shops in my neighborhood that carried only a bizarre selection of eurotrash and b-movies. How they survived at all is beyond me.


Good to see that there are still enough sane MPs who are able to put up a fight against the traitors and their mindless worshippers out to destroy Britain.


There’s only one man in the US more delusional and narcissistic than Kanye West.


Every now and then, I try to remind myself of the fact that everything in life is transitory. The only absolute certainty in our lives is our inevitable death. That’s something to think about on a sunny day.


Looks like Jeremy Renner is set to become the next Tom Sizemore.


Big Pharma is to pay $260 million in order to settle thousands of opioid crisis lawsuits in the US. Pharma executives must be laughing their assess off because they got off really cheap.


It’s late October, but one can still spot a few men here and there wearing flimsy shorts, t-shirts, and sandals, even though it's cold, dark, and rainy. I’ve always been baffled by the dogged determination of these ”eternal summer dudes” to deny the fact that summer is over.


The outrageous misogyny displayed in the censoring of all women artists from a streaming service's album covers in Iran is beyond ridiculous.


Stupidity is the currency of Age of Unreason.


Coppola is entitled to lodge his bloated cranium as deep into his elitist rectum as he wants to.


Just how many enormous shopping malls are those crazed capitalists going to build in the capital area? To think the most fanatical consumers were eager enough to wait in line all through the night to be the first ones to enter the new Tripla mall in the morning of the grand opening. Madness.


I could really use a strong lethargy repellent.


All the million little details that could spell disaster if left unattended.


Yet another Museum Safari completed. The exhibition of the German Renaissance master Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472−1553) at Sinebrychoff Art Museum was fascinating. At Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the video works Hexual Spellings by Timo Vaittinen, and The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson, were the winners.


“Many a slip between cup and lip”. Right.


Haven’t read Hunter S. Thompson in a few years. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 is a good way to return to Thompson’s writing. There are interesting similiarities to the upcoming 2020 elections, and the desperate need to get the crook and his minions out of the White House.


Once again, I'm being a lousy sleeper.


As of late, Spotify app has been infuriatingly slow on macOS.


This utterly miserable weather doesn't exactly inspire me to go out, unless I'm being faced with a pressing emergency. Normally, autumn is my favourite time of the year, but not this time. Those bright and crispy days have been missing in action most of the time.


Reading the biographies of Frank Zappa and Greg Lake has prompted me to revisit King Crimson, ELP, and Zappa albums from the late ’60s and early ’70s that I haven’t listened to in a long time. I must say that many of those albums have aged quite well.


It's entirely possible that I didn't wake up last night.


I've managed to activate myself a bit on IG, and start posting pictures again.


It's almost a 100% certainty that when musicians, whose careers span decades, start running out of ideas, they begin making these dull "back to basics" albums with barebones production values. Every song basically sounds the same. No effort, no diversity, only the meat-and-potatoes grind. These albums satisfy no one.


Dead Musicians Afterlife Band, line-up #3: Lemmy - bass & vocals, Eddie Clarke - guitar, Phil Taylor - drums


”Divide and conquer”. That’s what the deeply divided people of the West make me think of now.


This tumultous Age of Unreason has sadly proven that a large part of humans are not in any way more intelligent than our simian cousins living in the wild. Quite the contrary. The very concept of reason and rational thinking seems to terrify many. Wilful stupidity would appear to be humanity's defining attribute.


Where did this year go?


Last night, I was prompted to consider about the murky depths of that can of worms.


Dead Musicians Afterlife Band, line-up #2: Allan Holdsworth - guitar, Jaco Pastorius - bass, Miles Davis - trumpet, Jeff Porcaro - drums