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APRIL 2019

The Long Night was probably the most gripping and epic slice of television I have ever seen.


“We have a tendency to be encouraged to be reactive. Something happens and we freak out. Pause before you hit the send button. That means be causative. Think before you just react.” — Herbie Hancock


It’s probably not possible for some political or religious leader to come up with an ideology or rethoric so hateful, insane, discriminating, and toxic, that it wouldn’t be able to attract worshippers that follow it blindly. Such is the human nature.


Insomnia is a funny thing. No, it’s really not.


Endgame's box-office success was to be expected, but the opening weekend numbers are astounding.


An interesting article on Bret Easton Ellis over at The Guardian. Found myself agreeing with him.


What new devilry will humanity offer today?


Never forget the past and present victims of religions.


Sunday all over the world. Whatever that means.


If there’s one thing that the 21st century has taught me, it’s that ”truth” is absolutely meaningless because of its inherent subjective nature. There’s my truth, there’s your truth, and worst of all, the billions of other truths everybody else has. Truth can be any irrational nonsense we choose to believe in. That's why I prefer facts. Facts exist even if we're stupid enough not to believe in them. Simply put, there are facts, and outside of facts, there are only opinions, beliefs, stories, assumptions, delusions, and lies.


At least I've got great new books and new records. The best thing about them is that they're stored to my computers instead of multiplying on shelves and claiming ownership over me.


It's easy to think that morally bankrupt tyrants, and the ignorant, unwashed masses who support them, are problems of the Third World and Developing World. Unfortunately, this depraved political cesspool aims to drown most of the world into its murky depths. If that happens, I do not recommend flotation devices or breathing apparatus for any rational person. It’s better to drown right away.


Rarely has an artist's style confounded me more than Eddie Campbell's drawing style in Alan Moore's classic graphic novel From Hell. I have trouble deciding if Campbell's illustrations are just lazy doodles, or something really brilliant. Perhaps my problem is that I'm used to highly detailed and impeccably finished drawing styles.


Do not mourn for the dead. Their problems are over, while the living who are left behind are the ones damned to live in hell.


Most people will never realize how utterly pointless and futile their rat race lives are. Perhaps their ignorance is actually bliss, because they end up being spared from the existential horrors awareness inevitably brings.


Procrastination is the only thing I do not procrastinate with.


The ideal world of reactionary conservatives is a suffocating, miserable hellhole in which I don’t want to live. I hope that the final decline of Western civilization won’t happen in my lifetime. Day by day, I can relate better to Hunter S. Thompson’s description of the fall of the 1960s cultural revolution: ”There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning... And that, I think, was the handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave... So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark — that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”


And now, my remaining music collection is hidden in the bowels of a tiny SSD hard drive. The days of numerous big boxes under the bed filled with countless compact discs are permanently over.


It takes only one asshole to ruin the lives of countless others.


My favourite false negative scan report given by a virus scanner claimed that Photoshop is a virus.


”And buses that either never come, or occasionally combust.”


Ghosts of the past sometimes find surprising ways to become flesh again, digging up all the dirt that was carefully placed over skeletons.


I started reading the unexpurgated diaries of Anaïs Nin a while ago.


Just discovered a multitude of new jazz artists to listen to.


”He just sort of imagines that would be one of the mythic forms of loserdom to which he might aspire.”


”Audio equivalent of a primary color.”


Everything in its right place. At least for a little while.




To call Endgame ”epic” is like calling space ”big”.


Things I would never give up: stories.


The temporal paradoxes in Endgame make my brain hurt, but they’re nothing compared to those in Primer.


No wonder that the Tolkien estate disawovs the Tolkien biopic. Most biopics are more fiction than fact, often being complete fabrications that merely exploit a known name for profits.


I would never in my life work for a 996 company. Ma and his colleagues are modern slavers.


The US veto against the UN resolution is a new low. Having said that, I’m not really surprised that He Who Shall Not Be Named cavorts with the conservative fanatics for support.


"Semantic bear trap of bad taste.”


Almost time for the Endgame.


John Waters’s advice against dating people who don’t read books is priceless, and especially in this day and age of social media subliteracy, his advice is more important than ever.


The past is indeed a wilderness of horrors. But so is the future. Only here and now matters.


Mad Max is not a turkey, Steve — Maximum Overdrive is.


Everybody has skeletons in their closet. Gnarly, reeking skeletons that rot in the dark and refuse to take their bones elsewhere.


”Demographic hammerlock is the enemy of intelligent filmmaking.”


The astounding amount of phishing, malware, hacking, and spamming attempts happening on the Internet every second show just how many people online are petty thieves and ruthless conmen who are eager to rob you absolutely blind if you’re too trusty and careless. But that’s just humanity in a nutshell.


The sunrise looks like burning, molten gold.


Bears are abound in the dark of the night. They shout and they scream, but they don’t have anything to say.


Hello insomnia, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.


Who cares about the censored version of Mueller’s report. It only proves that He Who Shall Not Be Named is coated with toxic snake oil and teflon from head to toe.


Trying to reconnect the dots.


The guy having a business conversation on the phone in English has a classic Finnish ”rally driver” accent.


There was the whole goddamn zoo present.


Es konnte auch anders sein.


I will never understand people who gesture like crazy while talking on the phone. One could think it obvious that it’s futile to gesture when the person on the other end of the phone can’t see you, but some people just don’t seem to understand it.


”Just when I thought I was out, they pull me right back in!”


Still having a hard time even considering picking up my camera and continuing the personal projects that I left last year waiting for a better day. Some day, though. Some day...


It still amazes me how much more time I have on my hands after leaving Tumblr permanently.


After having witnessed the endless media onslaught covering the last season of GOT, I finally understand how too much hype can really kill one’s enthusiasm. I'm sick of seeing asinine media articles about Jon Snow's trendy underwear or the Night King's personal hygiene habits.


Nick Cave should really bring it on.


The intolerant climate of hyper-awareness has created enormous taboos around us.


One the most important rules of life is acquiring the necessary survival skills for awkward social situations. The most important of them is the ability to say "no" to pushy knobs who won't take no for an answer.


I'm getting off my arse today.


Analyses are abound, detailing the things he failed at, but not one of them mentions his blinding arrogance, ruthless tactics, dehumanizing politics, or despotic tendencies.


Social media lynch mobs have become so commonplace that barely anyone raises an eyebrow anymore when people are publicly attacked and humiliated by outrage trolls on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Some Of My Favourite Photographers: Sally Mann. Immediate Family from 1992 is still the most startling, brilliant, and awe-inspiring collection of black & white family portraits that I have ever seen.


Just what am I supposed to do with that thing? It just sits there without purpose.


I think that most conspiracy theories out there are paranoid delusions, degenerate propaganda, and complete nonsense. Having said that, I must admit that the simultaneous rise of toxic politicians around the world smells like a good, old-fashioned conspiracy. This international coup feels like it’s straight out of vintage spy novels, in which a sinister mastermind takes over the world by manipulating his corrupt puppets into positions of power.


Another Tuesday all over the world.


Human race often appears to me as a screeching, bumbling monkey that's laughing its ass off while pissing into its own mouth after it has set itself on fire.


So, anyway...


In my opinion, humanity reached its apex during the last years of the 20th century. Since the beginning of the 21st century, humanity has degenerated into a clusterfuck of squabbling idiot tribes. Humanity has begun a long tailspin into the next Dark Age. This tailspin is getting more and more out of control with each passing day. Only time will tell if humanity will ever re-emerge, and rise above its pathological stupidity.


The aftermath of these elections won’t be going away anytime soon.


The ability to switch one’s mind off at will and hibernate would be a great addition to post-human abilities.


Today is not the day.


The good thing about these elections is that two depraved miscreants got their asses handed to them. Several more did not, but this is a good start.


Bored beyond belief.


Well, it’s the last season of GOT, then.


The results of the Parliamentary Elections are dire, to say the least.


In this day and age, when there’s information so readily available, ignorance is an unforgivable crime. And by ignorance I mean that wilfully stupid mindset when you refuse to accept the facts because you want to believe in some nonsensical fantasy that’s nothing more than a pathetic delusion.


One of these days, I’m going to start Don Draper Boozing Club, although I'm not entirely sure as to why.


Parliamentary elections on Sunday. I have a bad feeling about this.


”No more old men in uniform.”


Ah, Episode IX trailer. Thank you very much.


”Never look back. The past is a wilderness of horrors.”


Apparently the 60 biggest corporations in the US paid 0$ in federal taxes, thanks to He Who Shall Not Be Named. This kind of moral corruption, financial inequality and injustice is absolutely unforgivable.


Nick Brandt’s photographic exhibition Inherit The Dust was incredible. The brilliant black & white panoramas were stunningly beautiful and absolutely horrific at the same time. The images depicted with brutal clarity the tragedy of human race acting like a cancer that slowly kills this planet.


Apparently painting by numbers revolutionized art. Why not.


I'm surprised Ratzinger doesn't blame Lucifer for the toxic depravity of his church.


Museums & sushi.


Someone said that working as a freelancer means clients are always in a hurry to get your product, but the hurry suddenly vanishes when it comes time to pay the bills.


This day shall be dedicated to the appreciation of art.


According to the Huffington Post, Texas lawmakers are considering the death penalty for women who get abortions. Not surprisingly, this bill is coming from the Republicans, and they’ve used bible quotes during arguments. I’m truly impressed with their determination to become as depraved and irrational as humanly possible. It would appear that the dystopia of The Handmaid's Tale represents their ideal society.


”Moof-milker” has become my favourite insult.


My hiatus from photography has given me recently a lot to think about.


A civilized society should not have taboos.


At the end, WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) degenerated to religious propaganda, and the promising female lead character was reduced to a shrill, hysterical screamer.


Nile Rodgers is the man.


It’s paradoxical how a History Channel series can be so historically inaccurate. KNIGHTFALL is more fiction than facts, like most ”historic” shows and films Hollywood sells as ”true stories”.


Some things take time to become acceptable, even likable. The process seems to be all about letting one’s expectations go.


I’m really getting sick of seeing movies and tv shows where people don’t eat their food. They’ve got their plates full, but they leave the table without eating barely anything. I’m especially sick of the cliché line ”I’m not hungry.” If art reflects reality, then the Americans waste unbelievable amounts of food.


Archery turned out to be great fun. What next?


Ken Rockwell can preach the gospel of camera-original JPGs until the end of the world, for all I care.


The reason why we're witnessing the rise of toxic, political "strongmen" is because many men are weak and lost like little children, and need an authoritarian father figure to tell them what to think and how to feel.


Back winter, be damned.


Hell is noisy neighbours: A person who starts blasting techno music at night in an apartment building can be categorized without further arguments as being a complete and utter asshole.


According to New Zealand’s privacy commissioner, Facebook's definition is “morally bankrupt pathological liars”. I can’t argue with that.


Champagne & pizza.


There are so many places where I would rather not be right now.


Lately, I’ve received several offers to shoot with really great models, but I’m in the middle of my self-imposed exile from photography and I’m not yet ready to come back.


I AM THE NIGHT (2019) is curious in the way it has almost zero likeable characters.


Nearly everyone who comes into contact with the martians in the beginning of the WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) is a complete moron, and many of the aforementioned morons want to profit from what they think is a fallen meteor. Somehow, I don’t think that this is meant as a scathing social commentary of American capitalism.


Apparently, an elephant killed a poacher. I cannot say that I’m sorry to hear that.


I might have to revisit 37° 2 LE MATIN (1986) some day. I used to watch a lot of agonizing art house dramas, especially the New French Extremity films, but when the world started to go down the toilet a few years ago, I couldn’t stomach their anxiety anymore.


Finding new homes for my old books has proven challenging because I want them to find good homes.


One of the things that is seriously wrong with this country is that the justice system doesn’t care about the victims of crime at all. Criminals receive nonexistent sentences, and victims are left without proper compensation, let alone justice. Rapists and abusers often end up walking free, and even killers serve just a few years in prison. Human suffering is meaningless to the bureaucrats running the justice system.


Abandoned orange, shriveled by time.


It just might be that the long-needed end to humanity’s destructive reign on this planet will be caused by humanity’s very own wilful stupidity. Now that we have idiots who refuse vaccines that prevent deadly diseases, we also have idiots who refuse vaccines for their pets, thus increasing the amount of deadly, contagious diseases spreading.


Zorg was a fool who was good only at the art of denial.


Shows like THE WALKING DEAD depict with shocking clarity the absurd hypocricy of American television. You can show gruesome and gory murders committed by sadistic degenerates, and solve all conflicts with guns and violence, but you can’t say ”fuck” because cussing is improper and will send you to hell. Just like sex and nudity will corrupt your soul for all time. And send you to hell. But bloody murder is oakey-doakey. Hallelujah.


Why anyone would repeatedly listen at their home to monotonic 1990s techno music that sounds like industrial noise is completely beyond me.


Random Access Memories: I tried in vain to save a person's laptop after it had been completely invaded by viruses and malware because the owner hadn't had the common sense to use any virus protection software.


Fake IG followers just keep coming and going. "It’s a shitty job, but someone’s got to do it", right?


LEAVING NEVERLAND (2019) documentary reminds me of Jimmy Savile, who was an English serial molester. He also died before he got caught. While Jackson sneakily hid behind his façade of fake innocence, Savile was a garish and abrasive bastard, but still managed to get away with it because he was protected by the ”good old boys” club of the broadcasting and entertainment business.


After having read a recent Robert Smith interview, I revisited some of The Cure's albums. Paris and Show, the two live albums from 1993, would still seem to be my favourites.


What can I say? Nicolas Winding Refn's TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG (2019) looks absolutely fantastic.


I won’t be travelling to Brunei anytime soon. Or, more likely, ever.


Apparently extra holidays have given several Japanese anxiety. There’s something seriously wrong if one lacks individuality, personal interests, and imagination so completely that time off from work equals a prison sentence in a dark void. This is slave mentality.


The upcoming film JOKER (2019) looks most intriguing.


Those stand-up airplane seats are exactly what the company says they are not: cattle class seats. I wouldn’t spend a 12-hour long haul flight strapped to those torture devices.


LEAVING NEVERLAND (2019) documentary paints a truly grim picture. Unexpectedly, some of the most disturbing moments for me were the footage of crazed fans screaming and running after Jackson like lunatics. To me, fanatical blind worship is nothing but madness, and the mere idea of it fills me with horror.


The demolition area looked like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


KNIGHTFALL is a curious series in the way there’s no one to root for. There's a hostile, degenarate tyrant and his loathsome minions fighting against a cult of delusional religious fanatics who are masters of bigotry, mass murder, and robbery. And all this madness takes place in a cesspool of medieval ignorance, brutality, and superstition. Wonderful.


”A sinister midget with a bucket an' a mop”


The article in today’s IS reminded me of why I would never in my life work in customer service. The outrageous amounts of idiocy and hostility encountered by customer service professionals in their work would be far beyond my capacity to tolerate.


”Cookies need love like eveything does.”


Pink really ended up getting the complete social media experience, i.e. a horde of degenerate strangers attacking her personal life.


LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS (2019) was a blast.


Winter is going. Hopefully, it won’t be back in a long time. In my opinion, the only good things about winter are the absence of humid heat waves and insects.


Because of fake news, every day is April Fool’s.


The Brexit farce has gone far beyond a mere farce. Now it should be called at least a travesty.


Baby steps and small victories.


If only I could still sleep like I did back when I was a teenager.


Home improvement.


Daylight saving time should be abolished as soon as possible. Tweaking clocks to and fro every year is ridiculous.


After a prolonged period of "dark and bleak", it takes a while to get used to "bright and sunny".