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MAY 2019

This is promising. Today I actually plugged a charger into one of my cameras. Perhaps this signals some kind of an end for my self-imposed exile from photography?


I don’t understand cultures where people shout in an aggressive manner all the time.


Today, I’m a camel and an onion knight.


Terry Pratchett accurately predicted the future of Internet fake news all the way back in 1996. Bill Gates was far too naive and optimistic to believe him. During the following 23 years, the Internet has devolved into a toxic cesspool of degenerate propaganda, hate, and fighting that proves we can't even agree to disagree.


The way that guy blew his nose from the window of his Mercedes in the red lights was mighty gross.


I think it has finally come time to move house. This place has become far too noisy for me.


If the Brits get Mister B as their next PM, they’re thoroughly and hopelessly buggered. Having said that, I think they already are buggered by the pro-brexit propaganda many of them have swallowed.


This year I have given away a large part of my material possessions. I just gave away my bicycle and most of my book collection, and felt enormously relieved. Minimalism is one of the very few ~isms I would endorse.


It took me just about forever to finish reading Danse Macabre.


Amazed at how some people are so eager to climb all the way up to Mount Everest to die miserably. I have it on very good authority that it’s entirely possible to die just as miserably at home, without exerting such herculean effort. How about drinking a bottle of bleach, sucking on a car’s exhaust pipe, or eating a handful of broken glass? But I suppose nothing is as glorious as your corpse turning into a frozen solid meat popsicle at 8,848 metres, joining tons of trash, empty oxygen tanks, and human feces at the world's highest garbage dump.


Hell is noisy neighbours, whose only method of communication is shouting.


Just wondering how many tv shows, books, and films about large-scale conflicts there have been during the 21st century, in which ”a storm/war is coming”.


”Only 9% of the world’s plastics are recycled, with the rest mostly ending up rotting in landfills across south-east Asia or illegally incinerated, releasing highly poisonous fumes.”


Enough with this asinine hockey madness already.


Woolen stockings in late May.


What humanity really needs is an interplanetary intervention, something in the vein of Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel Childhood’s End, in which humanity is forced to stop its idiotic and destructive behaviour by a race of far superior race of beings who take over control of the Earth in a peaceful manner.


Overcast blues.


”There is no dark side of the Moon really. As a matter of fact, it's all dark.”


I definitely wouldn't mind having a cold summer, as long as it doesn't mean dull, overcast skies.


Amazon has made it more difficult to find cheaper product prices from its sellers. Several times the seller prices have been actually hidden from the view when I've wanted to compare prices. Amazon has become one of the biggest companies in the world, but they still need to resort to pathetic racketeering scams like this. As per usual, when a company gets big and greedy, and its lust for profits grows, its ethics go down the drain, usually permanently.


Over time, faces start blending into each other. Sometimes I'm not sure if I actually recognize people, or if they just remind me of someone else.


Perhaps I should change my job title to ”toilet scrubbing wench.”


The bizarre line deliveries of Keanu Reeves in John Wick films are nearly as entertaining as the insane action set pieces the films are known for. However, John Wick films could also be called immoral gun porn and outrageous glorification of violence, but I must confess there’s something immensely satisfying about watching hordes of morally corrupt, evil men getting brutally killed.


I’ve finally discovered a method for reading several books at the same time.


The downside to living in a small country is that eventually you're going to run into people you're trying to avoid. Disappearing without a trace here requires a lot more effort than in big countries.


So now the religious right lunatics in the US are threatening with a new civil war. I'm not really surprised.


”We have been taught such a limited narrative of what it means to be beautiful. White, hairless, thin bodies are held up as a standard of beauty, but they are an exception and do not reflect the majority of people in the world.”


Twenty years ago, I probably wouldn't have believed that getting rid of things and cleaning your living space can be so satisfying.


Purely out of being a glutton, I’m in the middle of trying to read nine books simultaneously. I would like to thank the academy for the Idiot Of The Year award.


It’s mind-blowing how dependent we’ve become of these ”smart” contraptions.


Everything has become so political, tribalistic, polarized, outraged, myopic, victimized, hostile, and fanatic, that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to even breathe without someone getting offended by it. I don’t feel at home in this world anymore. Actually, I never did, but that's not the point.


Better to enjoy this while you can, because it won’t last forever.


The Don Draper Boozing Club still needs donors. Preferrably both money and extra livers.


Futile to be angry at a dumb beast for being dumb.


Because making childish petitions wasn't absurd enough, the toxic GOT fanatics are now review bombing the series finale. Humanity is truly doomed.


This surreal sideshow gets more and more surreal every second.


The Internet gave voice to those who deserved to have a voice. But unfortunately, the Internet also gave voice to those who absolutely do not deserve to have a voice.


This year’s batch of flying, bloodsucking parasites, also known as mosquitoes, have hatched in great numbers.


We take everything far too seriously, and fool ourselves with the deluded belief that we are absolutely right. We are all wrong, and we are all fools.


Time to start mentally preparing myself for the hot season.


Finally, GOT has come to its end! Now it can hopefully be put to rest — for good. I was satisfied enough with the series, and its "controversial" ending. Sure, there were flaws, but I won't be losing any sleep over them. I can now go on living the rest of my life, unlike the most rabid "fans”, who will undoubtedly spend their lives complaining to their therapists how they were mistreated because the story didn't go exactly the way they wanted. Fortunately, storytellers are not contractually obliged to pander to the demands of petulant children.


Men should never make laws about women’s bodies.


The concept of toasting is one of those absurd social curiosities that people cling on to, and I’ve never really understood, but if I had to toast right now, I’d choose ”One day closer to death.”


”Too much talking these days. Talk talk talk. This country would get along much better if people learned how to suffer in silence.”


Apple Books’s Library has an annoying flaw in the way the list orders get all screw up. For example, when my Library is sorted alphabetically by author, my J.G. Ballard books are listed under J and B. #firstworldproblems


Currently reading: Anaïs Nin - Henry and June, Neil Gaiman - American Gods, Stephen King - Danse Macabre.


If women started policing men’s bodies the way men are policing women’s bodies, men would cry tiny sick tears and whine about how they’ve been mistreated, victimized, and their rights violated.


I’m avoiding GOT articles on media because most of them are saturated with petulant fan complaints that I find extremely excruciating amd embarrassing to read. I have watched the entire series, I have read all the books, and now I have accepted that the story comes to an end. It’s as simple as that. But the obsessive fans rant and rave about the characters as if they’re real people, and they are apparently unable to accept any of the character and story arcs. I have still only one thing to say to fans: get a life.


I’m not surprised by the stupidity of man, but sometimes I’m amazed by the abysmal depths of that stupidity.


Hats off for Taiwan.


To every ”fan” crying tiny sick tears over GoT’s final season not being what they wanted I have only one thing to say: get a fucking life. Seriously. Beg, borrow, or steal it, I don’t care. Just get it. And don’t name your daughters Khaleesi or Daenerys while you’re at it. Also, please don't start childish petitions.


Ah, that was very well done indeed, even if it wasn’t exactly the plan.


What’s next? Getting up in the middle of the night again? Surely you must be joking. Oh, you're not.


”Teenage girl kills herself after Instagram poll in Malaysia.” Humanity is truly doomed.


I’m too old for this shit.


Solve one problem, get two new problems for free.


Another dose of museums, art galleries, and sushi.


Back to the drawing board.


I’m sure all those who have named their children ”Daenerys” in the recent years experienced a rude awakening after yesterday’s GOT episode. Why anyone even remotely sane would ever name their children after a fictional character whose full character arc they don’t even know yet is completely beyond me. Then again, understanding fan culture has never been my strongest suite.


There was blood on the station's floor. Must have been because of Toto blaring from the PA.


”The past is a ghost which haunts our present lives constantly.”


Living with a rescue dog.


Instagram’s censorship has gotten really draconian. I see artists getting their posts and accounts deleted more often, and nowadays IG also uses shadowbanning. Social media companies have grown into uncontrollable colossal monsters that oppress their users with puritanical morality, but are simultaneously unable to protect them from abusive trolls.


And just like that, everything turns upside down, and mutates into a farce.


Humanity as a species is simply too unintelligent and destructive to deserve this planet.


All those millions wasted on the cheesy charade known as the Eurovision Song Contest could be used for supporting culture, instead of flushing them down the toilet with the utterly disposable pop songs and circus acts the contest regurgitates.


Chaos is my sworn enemy.


The growling things that go bump in the night and shit on your floor.


There will always be people who are gullible and eager to fall for cults, political ideologies, and religions. Nxivm is just one of the millions of toxic scams in the sordid history of humanity orchestrated by power-hungry sociopathic narcissists. And it won’t be the last.


I don’t deal well with unpredictable behaviour.


The extreme abortion laws some US states have come up with recently do not belong into a civilized society. This is what happens when misogynistic religious idiots are allowed into positions of power. The US has actually started to resemble Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale.


Last night’s dream was about a zombie apocalypse. And it wasn’t a nightmare.


There's not enough time to read every book I want to read. Not enough time to watch every movie I want to watch. Not enough time to listen to every album I want to listen to. There's just not enough time.


That's nonsense, John.


Some Of My Favourite Photographers: David Lynch. What could I possible say about David Lynch? A consummate artist, one of my all-time favourites, with an imagination unlike anyone else.


Once more, a life shared with a dog. Well, then.


Despite the crushing economic depression, there was a sense of optimism and hope in the air during the early 1990s. The iron curtain came crashing down, and Europe became united. Nowadays, instead of optimism and hope, there seems to remain only dread, discord, hate, division, and distrust.


So, among other things, R. Kelly is also an illiterate.


Revisited the film adaptation of V For Vendetta yesterday. I was taken completely by surprise how current it had become. When the film was first released in 2005, it was just another fantasy story describing a fascist dystopia. Now, there are Sutlers, Protheros, and Creedys rising everywhere. I felt mortified.


The political tug of war in the US gets more and more laughable every day. I’m surprised that mortally divided government is able to function at all anymore.


Apparently, Pornhub is in talks to buy Tumblr. Didn’t see that one coming. Even if this deal should take place, I don’t believe I would return to Tumblr. One of the biggest problems I had on Tumblr was the onslaught of trashy porn bloggers who would steal my art nude photography for their jerk-off fodder blogs. Under Pornhub, that problem would most likely exacerbate exponentially. Since my income and social life were never dependent on Tumblr, leaving was surprisingly easy after the initial shock, and since then I’ve been merely relieved that I’m not spending all that time on Tumblr anymore.


Just when I think everything is in order, chaos strikes back and lovingly hands my ass to me.


Ephemeral moments of chaos followed by endless ennui.


"Believers in democracy should have reflexive distrust and discomfort with anything that too closely resembles religious zealotry. Cancel culture, the insistence on perfection in political candidates, and the social media inspection of everyone’s former words and deeds carries a flatulent whiff of dogma, inquisition, and excommunication."


Trying to make sense of a senseless world.


Thom Yorke's Suspiria soundtrack is brilliant, teeming with haunting, minimalistic elements.


I can’t say that I understand everything that happens in the Suspiria remake. Especially the out of the blue character reveal at the climax baffles me to no end. But I do value the film very highly. In fact, I think it’s far superior to the original, which I find one of the most overrated films ever. Saying this is blasphemous to its fans, but I’ve never cared about fans or their holy cows.


Fruit flies be damned.


No doubt Raniere’s attorneys sleep their nights well. It takes a true sociopath to defend a monster, and to spin the monster’s depraved crimes into acts of virtue. Professional liars, indeed.


I listen to a lot of music, but very rarely do I pay much attention to the lyrics. I find most pop and rock lyrics distracting, not to mention far too clichéd, asinine, insipid, and banal to warrant the required attention. Instrumental music has, and always will be, my ideal musical landscape.


A life of solitude and nihilism?


Finally realized what Pete Townshend meant by saying that John Entwistle spent several songs’s worth of ideas for one song. "My Wife" is so stuffed with words that Entwistle barely has time to sing melody.


A million species at risk of extinction because of human stupidity and greed. Tragic and unforgivable.


Dumped yet another load of books to the library’s book recycling shelf. Little by little, I will rid myself of excess material possessions.


Bayan-Ulgii is the place to be right now for all those who have always wanted to die of bubonic plague.


My constantly degenerating ability to sleep.


Never mind the goddamn Iron Throne. I just wanted all the dragons to survive, conquer the world, and annihilate all evil men.


There’s a very curious and particular tendency among native English speakers to use incorrect indefinite article with the word "history" and its variations. ”An historic”, for example, should be ”a historic” because the ”a” article is used before a consonant sound. In the pronunciation of historic, the consonant ”h” is not omitted.


Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should be put to jail.


Reading a French novel by typing every word into Google translate is definitely not the easiest way to go about it, but when there are no painless options available, the hard way is the only way.


Roxy The Movie, featuring Frank Zappa & The Mothers, live at The Roxy in 1973, is absolutely incredible achievement. Music, mayhem, madness, and stunningly virtuosic musicianship.


According to Agnieszka Holland, what happens now in western Europe and north America is a "conservative counter-revolution." She's absolutely right.


Almost made a big mistake that would’ve cost me a lot. A close shave.


When everything is said and done, and you're free of all obligations and responsibilities.


It’s hardly surprising that fact-checking, grammar, and proof-reading are alien concepts to many Internet special interest news site writers, but it’s dispiriting when professional journalists get sloppy and publish amateurish scribblings.


Lethargic /lɪˈθɑːdʒɪk/ Adjective. Affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic.


Irvine Welsh defends Bret Easton Ellis’s gruesome American Psycho as a deeply misunderstood modern classic in The Guardian. I must say that Welsh's arguments hit all the right marks.


An absolutely fascinating and horrifying article over at The Huffington Post about a new book by Anna Merlan chronicling the delusions and depravity of American conspiracy theory crazies.


I will never forgive Tumblr for the criminalization of "female-presenting nipples".


My love affair with orchestral motion picture soundracks has continued to thrive since I was a teenager. I was a total geek in school, so it was only fitting that I didn't consume the same disposable chart pop hits as most of the other kids. If you're weird, be weird all the way.


The existence of constitutional monarchy in the 21st century baffles me to no end. A delusional charade that requires colossal amounts of tax payers’s money to uphold pompous fantasies of lavish, gilded demigods performing their absurd, meaningless ceremonies for their blind worhippers. Humanity is doomed.


Civic holidays in the middle of the week really mess with my internal calendar.


It is really no wonder that fascists are on the rise everywhere. They are simply taking advantage of the unfortunate fact that a large percentage of people are fearful, aggressive, ignorant, uncivilised, and unintelligent; easy to manipulate by appealing to their most base instincts with targeted propaganda. This is not happening for the first time in humanity’s history, and definitely not for the last time either, as humanity has time and again demonstarated its inability to learn from its past mistakes.


The weather definitely affects my mood. When it's miserable like right now; grey, cold, and rainy, I don't even want to get out of bed.


My self-imposed exile from personal photography projects has lasted for three months by now. I'm still not entirely sure when am I supposed to return to this absurd business of taking more meaningless and purposeless images to fill those sad, empty spaces of the Internet.


It's that time of the year again, when some people feel compelled to wear those curious, funny white party hats on the streets, and host picnics in miserable weather.


Humanity is truly doomed as a species when something as harmless and natural as female armpit hair still raises insane amounts of fear, hate, and disgust. Humanity’s great unwashed masses have always excelled at oppressing and persecuting individuals who refuse to conform to irrational and often insane social norms that have been indoctrinated into the collective consciousness. Then again, reason and rational thought have never been humanity's defining attributes.


Still haven't seen an actual meat popsicle. But I have it on very good authority that they exist.