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JULY 2019

I hereby declare the addition of sugar on the list of the most addictive narcotics in the world.


Here’s hoping that the new 4K restoration of Cronenberg’s fantastic film adaptation of Ballard's eccentric novel Crash will find its way on Blu-ray in Europe.


See you later, Rutger.


This is one of those days when the news would appear to be overflowing with dispiriting tales of humanity’s most fundamental, irreparable flaws.


Apparently, the main requirements for being a high-profile politician these days are incompetence, vulgarity, fraudulence, rudeness, treachery, narcisissm, and high treason, combined with a complete and utter lack of intelligence.


Well, then. Britain is now completely and utterly fucked, and they have only themselves to blame for swallowing all that ridiculous brexit propaganda and outrageous lies with a shit-eating grin.


So much to do and so many things to remember during the next few days.


Started reading Poe's The Fall Of The House of Usher, but his prose turned out to be utterly insufferable. His sentences are meandering, and they just go on and on forever.


The year of the exploding bean.


Even though I will always champion experimentation and progress, I often find postmodern architecture a nightmarishly incoherent melange of colors, shapes, materials, styles, and angles that are better suited for inducing instant madness and spontaneous combustion.


I spent the entire Saturday reading.


The only mathematical equation that I can distantly recall is the one that equals one white duck.


The smell of seafood is like the stench of death and decay. Instant repulsion.


In my world, men out on the town don't go on a bar rampage, they go on a museum safari.


Once again, SDCC is a veritable cornucopia of new, fascinating trailers.


Another heat wave coming? No, thank you.


The massive popularity of someone as bland and nondescript as Ed Sheeran is completely beyond me. Having said that, I suppose this Sheeran phenomenon is better than the blind worship of music industry engineered counterfeit sock puppet acts like those seen in K-pop.


I think I just might have found the place.


I’m still waiting for the day when Childhood’s End becomes reality and these degenerate monkeys will be saved from themselves. Alas, I have a sneaking suspicion I’m waiting in vain.


Relieved that I’ve managed to finish a couple of books that felt like complete and utter slogs that progressed as slowly as the proverbial molasses in January.


I should really get off my arse and continue shooting the rest of Modular City series locations.


That Ultra Bra earworm is still alive and kicking. I'm never going to listen to those damn songs again.


Started digitizing my old books that are not available as ebooks. This project definitely belongs in the category of ”tedious handiwork”, but it’s satisfying to witness an old book gain new life as a pristine digital reincarnation.


Driving in the city centre area is definitely not my idea of fun.


I’ve felt lethargic and impassive as a reader this year, but then my Reading List app informed me that I’ve read nearly thirty books this year. Turns out that the torpor I've experienced has actually been the result of reading too much. A couple of months ago, I was simultaneously reading eleven books, and at this moment six. Plus, one of the books I have to translate from French by myself, line after line with Google translator. I suppose weariness shouldn’t come as a surprise, then.


There was blood all over the building's staircase Saturday morning. Looks like somebody had a rough night.


After I finished reading Ultra Bra's band biography book, I also revisited their albums. I had forgotten how utterly brilliant those songs are. Of course, as a bonus, I got a major earworm. Their song Haikara has been playing almost nonstop in my head for over a week now. I'm ready to hang myself.


"Don’t miss this special issue containing more shocks and surprises than ever before!"


Fuck Pamplona Bull Run and fuck bullfighting. It’s nothing but savage animal abuse in the name of pathetic macho bullshit.


Sign of the times: wearing your ignorance as a badge of honour, just like populist politicians, social media narcisissts, and reality television stars.


The wretched diletanttes at Amazon Prime have categorized Lawrence Of Arabia as a comedy.


Apparently, Mark Twain once said “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters of religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.” I think Twain was 100% correct in his assessment.


I really, really, really hate driving stick.


Farage and his gang of myopic, delusional fools belong to a circus sideshow, not the EU parliament.


It never ceases to amaze me how gullible dullards around the world vote corrupt, authoritarian scumbags into power, and then wonder why everything turns to shit. 21st century has really taught me that democracy is a wonderful idea that sadly doesn’t work in practice because a large a percentage of the voters are too unintelligent and uncivilized to be trusted with important decisions.


Surprised that Alabama’s DA found some common sense to drop the ludicrous charges against Jones.


I must say that I really like the new smaller dimensions of the photos on this site. Granted, the smaller size does not compliment every single photo, but for the most parts this was a succesful compromise.


Now photosets Fall, Flying Colors, and Kallio added to the Galleries.


Numerous things left to do before time's up, so better to roll up those sleeves and dig in.


So, Japan is back in the loathsome business of slaughtering whales. This is nothing but depraved greed, arrogance, and wilful stupidity.