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Just wondering how Teflon Donnie's mindless supporters are going to spin this latest debacle to themselves. My greatest fear is that they won't even try. Cognitive dissonance to the nth degree.


The chaotic construction works blocking the streets today reminded me of dog agility obstacle courses.


Modern society is “riddled with pointless talk, insane quantities of words and images”.


The world news seem to be absolutely teeming with terrible developments. Everywhere around the world the degenerate, dark side of man attempts to divide and conquer people, crushing democracy and human rights under the fists of bigotry, oppression, greed, and stupidity. This is utterly unforgivable.


The future generations are hopelessly doomed if they can’t even survive watching a goddamn movie without browsing social media on their smart phones. Youngsters should be actively taught ”the joy of missing out”.


The neverending list of tedious home improvement projects is actually getting shorter.


Everything up to date. Now what.


The Age of Unreason would appear to be the ultimate litmus test that reveals the sordid depths of homo sapiens’ unintelligent and uncivilized nature.


Soon, we’re all sick as dogs.


Dead Musicians Afterlife Band, line-up #1: Gary Moore - guitar & vocals, John Entwistle - bass guitar & backing vocals, Cozy Powell - drums, Jon Lord - Hammond Organ


“It’s all about having sex and feeling sad.”


The unbearable inevitability of endless ennui.


Just received my very first parking ticket.


The Age Of Unreason. Indeed.


Kudos to Financial Times for their article about the fall of capitalism. Having said that, I don’t believe recognizing the inherent problem with capitalism will change anything in the long run. Humanity’s greed is so deeply pathological and fundamental, that robber barons and their drooling lackeys would continue hoarding excess wealth even during an armageddon.


And now that Traveling Wilburys song won’t leave me alone.


“We live in the age of unreason. We no longer value the best idea, but the loudest idea. From Brexit to Trump, we applaud blind faith and are sceptical about overwhelming observable evidence. The problem is that rationality is just no match for irrationality. That ship sailed in 2016. People now don’t change their minds, they double down on their irrationality, and using facts, science, and reason to contest the unreasonable.”


Found my groove yesterday, now I've been editing photos that I should've edited ages ago.


Last night's dreams were even more bizarre than usual. Too bad that I can't record them in any way, as their perverse logic defies all attempts at written notes.


Modular City series got updated today with new images. It's been slow in progress, but it's getting there.


Recent music: Bat For Lashes, Miles Davis, Cigarettes After Sex, GoGo Penguin, and Portico Quartet.


More troubleshooting. The more complex these electronic contraptions get, the more bugs they will have.


And now that Traveling Wilburys song won’t leave me alone.


Everything in its right place.


Going through Miles Davis' second great quintet (1964-1968) era albums.


Recently, I discovered the term ”joy of missing out”, which describes exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. I quit most of social media, and every non-essential activity that consumed my time.


I haven’t bought vinyl records in over 20 years. I had forgotten entirely how slow it is to find the albums you’re looking for.


”Human memory is best understood as processes of reconstruction, rather than one of reproduction.”


In last night’s dream, I was hunted down and killed by a leopard. I woke up right before I got eaten alive.


After having moved on exclusively to ebooks, my old passion for comic books has been resurrected.


The last time I’ve read Stephen King’s ”It” must have been back in the late ’80s, in my teens. Unsurprisingly, I had missed enormous amounts of essential character and story details. This time, there was a veritable cornucopia of ”new” things to digest.


Watching a supercut of Black Friday shopping chaos on YouTube. Herds of consumers possessed by greed, running like crazed cattle.


Nobody told me that the display screens of retina iMacs are made of fragile glass that does not take kindly to bumps.


I’m really looking forward to December, so JJ can let me down again.


Marveling at the persistence of expensive SMS based chats on late-night and morning tv channels.


When there’s nothing else in the world to be glad about, I rejoice over the fact that I don’t have to return to the bad places I’ve been to in my life.


In his infinite ”wisdom”, man is burning down the Amazon. It’s utterly impossible to exaggerate the greed and stupidity of man.


Earworm of the day: Tramdriver by Wigwam.


And why is everybody acting so surprised that Johnson pisses on democracy?


The UK is so thoroughly fucked unless their MPs get their heads out of their arses.


Goodbye, and thanks for all the fantastic pictures, Peter.