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My approach to my personal, non-commissioned photography projects is almost purely aesthetical, and I like to experiment with different subjects, styles, techniques, and formats. The photographs found on this website have been captured over the course of over 20 years and counting, using a number of wildly different film and digital cameras. Stylistically my photography is all over the place, ranging from hi-fi to lo-fi: studio projects, intricate portraits, dark abstracts, architectural studies, art nudes, urban decay, concert photography, and sloppy snapshots.

My photographs don't come with arcane, five thousand word essays full of vague concepts and impenetrable words. Usually, what you see is exactly what you'll get. For me, it's all about aesthetics. The ephemeral qualities of light, shadow, textures, shapes, compositions, and moods. The fleeting moments that are lost forever. The juxtaposition of stimulating and banal. The mysteries of the human presence. The uneasy marriage of beauty and ugliness. The tug of war between design vs. improvisation. The act of seeing. The obsession. That's the keyword: obsession. There's a curious obsession photographers like me are burdened with. It makes us focus on minute details that are simultaneously captivating and trivial. It makes us chase an evanescent image until it drives us insane.

But none of this has anything to do with objectivity. I'm not a documentarian. I depict the world and the people I meet as I experience them, not necessarily how they are. It's subjective. It's biased. It's personal. It's a manipulated, distorted, and severely limited fraction of a second, filtered through my current preoccupations and obsessions. My photography is an irrational fantasy in a rational mind. An escape from the cruelty of reality. A mirage. A visual conundrum without purpose in an indifferent universe. It is nothing. It means nothing. But on some days, it means everything.

Besides waxing pretentious nonsense about looking through a peep hole and pushing a button, I’m also a published retoucher for commercial photography, and an image processing specialist for digitizing and restoring archive film photographs.

Please contact me for my professional works portfolio.

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