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The first photo set from the sessions with Freya Gallows is up.


The mornings are getting chilly and crispy, with the sun hanging low over the horizon, longer and longer every day. Pretty soon, the days will be just as perfect, too. At least for a couple of months, before winter's cruel veil covers everything with white death.


Director Ari Aster’s pagan/religious horror film Midsommar is definitely the most disturbing film I’ve seen this year. And also the most beautiful.


And the news are once again filled with proof of humanity's complete and utter inability to just get along. Stupidity, greed, and aggression will be the end of us.


The 100 is still able to slap the viewers with the most dumbfounding moral compromises seen on television. And Jasper was right; humans are the problem.


One of the most pathetic, misogynistic macho douchebags I’ve ever met also had the most beautiful handwriting I’ve seen. He was like a fetid turd sprinkled with gold nuggets. Still, shit is shit.


Revisiting books that I’ve originally read 20 or 30 years ago is often a revelatory experience. It's basically like reading an expanded edition, or sometimes even a brand new book that I've never seen before.


One of the most useless and vile habits man has invented is smoking.


”LA’s a bit boring. Everybody’s on prescription drugs but they frown upon anyone who has a glass of wine.”


"Thriftstore" is one of the most cumbersome English language words to pronounce that I can think of.


”Morality is an artificial construct we maintain by our mutual belief in its assumed value.”


Out of the blue, I remembered the Burnout Dude I met on a flight from Spain to Finland years ago. He told me he spent six months working non-stop, then another six months partying around the world, consuming copious amounts of cocaine and booze. For some reason, I don't think he's alive anymore.


Despite having a good photo shoot a couple of days ago, I've decided to continue my hiatus from model shoots. There are still many things I need to sort out.


Yesterday, I had a great time shooting with Freya Gallows. There's plenty of photo editing to be done.


Things are finally starting to look more normal.


Barely survived the horrors of moving house.


Just wondering what Hunter S. Thompson would say about the current state of the US politics.


I still get the occasional horror flashbacks from when I’ve contemplated suicide by spontaneous combustion at boring middle-class parties, where men and women have segregated into two separate groups. Men’s group talks about corporate business and investments, and women’s group talks about making and raising children, and I have absolutely nothing to say to anyone.


The torture method commonly known as "moving house" was invented in hell.